Insignia Hospitality Group

Insignia Company Culture

At Insignia, we believe a healthy community-oriented company culture is the backbone of a successful business. Happy employees who enjoy the work they do result in satisfied customers who return to our hotels again and again. 

Our Company Culture

Above all, we believe people matter. Which is why our company is dedicated to creating a family-like atmosphere where employees can learn and grow. We encourage our employees to volunteer and be leaders in their local communities. 

Our culture is based on our Eleven Star Theory, a list of traits and characteristics we strive to embody in our every action. Most of these traits cannot be learned, but are innate to our team members and company leaders. Those traits include: Teamwork, Honesty, Ethics, Commitment, Character, Values, Integrity, Tradition, Perseverance, Vision, and Leadership.

We believe hiring for these eleven traits is one of the keys to our success, which is why the Eleven Star Theory is reflected in our logo as a daily reminder of its importance. Following this vision statement, we strive to prove that successful companies are built by people, not by profits.