Insignia Hospitality Group

The History and Vision of Insignia 

Insignia Hospitality Group, Inc. is a family owned, self-sustaining hospitality management and development group dedicated to partnering with Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, and Marriott International to maintain a portfolio of quality assets. We pride ourselves on creating efficient processes which result in financial success without sacrificing a welcoming, family-like atmosphere. 

Developing a team of confident leaders within our company is one of our greatest accomplishment. The heart of our company lies in the passionate, well-trained personnel at each individual property. This has been made possible by empowering leaders to make difficult management decisions without hesitation while having infinite corporate support.

Continued Expertise 

New services include the ramping up of newly opened hotels, researching the feasibility of potential new markets, and the maintenance of a successful low turnover rate within management positions in the company. We strive to continually hone the skills and expertise of our leaders and employees.

Successful Expansion

Today, our services and skills have expanded to include a broad-based knowledge of hotel operations and sales. Through close relationships with hospitality industry leaders, we continue to strengthen the knowledge we need to best serve you.

Our Purpose

To Inspire Every Day

Our Vision

Do Hospitality Great.

Our Mission

Create Great Hotel Experiences First.

Eleven Stars Theory 

eleven star theory is a list of traits and characteristics that are the backbone of our corporate culture. These characteristics are often not trainable. Instead, we strive to find and hire team members who embody these traits. Insignia Hospitality Group seeks to partner with other organizations who replicate these principles.

The eleven stars in our logo stand for:

  • Character  
  • Honesty 
  • Commitment 
  • Integrity 
  • Vision
  • Leadership 
  • Values 
  • Ethics 
  • Teamwork
  • Tradition
  • Perseverance


Values Statements

  What the Eleven Stars Mean

  •   We always do the right thing.

  (Character, Honesty, Integrity)

  • Teamwork is our promise to each other.

  (Teamwork, Commitment)

  • We're empowered in the moment.


  • Everything matters.

  (Values, Ethics)

  • We never give up.

  (Vision, Perseverance, Tradition)